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XXXIX International Scientific Conference

Multivariate Statistical Analysis 

Nov 8-10, 2021, 

Łódź, Poland 

The MSA is a place of presenting new studies on theory and applications of statistics as well as exchanging knowledge of new computational techniques. The aim of MSA to provide a friendly and vibrant forum for sharing the latest ideas and realizations in the area of statistical methods. Conference topics: Multivariate distributions, Statistical tests, Nonparametric inference, Factor analysis, Cluster analysis, Discriminant analysis, Variance analysis, Regression analysis, Bayesian inference, Monte Carlo analysis, Data mining, Robust procedures, Censored data analysis, Pattern recognition, Stochastic analysis, Time series analysis, Risk management, Applications in social science and medicine. 

Sopot Conference on Modelling Contemporary Economies

21-22 June 2021, online (virtual) conference

Faculty of Management, University of Gdansk, Sopot, Poland

The aim of the conference is to integrate economists who work on modelling and forecasting contemporary economies and to create a forum for the exchange of ideas and experience gained during the research. The other aim is to educate young research staff.

Primary conference topics include: Quantitative Methods, Household Behaviour and Family Economics, Firm and Organizational Behaviour, General Equilibrium and Growth, Consumption and Saving, Labour Markets, Production and Investment, Prices, Business Fluctuations and Cycles, Money and Interest Rates, Monetary Policy, International Economics, Financial Economics, Health, Education and Welfare, Labour and Demographic Economics.

Econometrics Ekonometria. Advances in Applied Data Analysis Journal declare to publish the final versions of conference papers provided they pass the standard submission and reviewing procedures.

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