Editorial Board

  • Józef Dziechciarz editor-in-chief

Professor Dr. Jozef Dziechciarz (Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland). Active in administrative area. For over twenty years member of Senat, University’s parliament. Was Vice-Rector for Development and International Relations (1999-2005); Dean of the Faculty of Management, Computer Sciences and Finance (2005-2012). Director of the Institute for Applied Mathematics. Head of the Department of Econometrics, researcher and lecturer in Wroclaw University of Economics, Wroclaw, Poland – teaches Econometrics, Market Research, Quantitative Methods for Management and several specialized courses. He published more than 160 articles and books. Fields of research interest covers econometric modelling, econometric modelling with variable and random coefficients, modelling on qualitative data and multivariate methods of data analysis. Empirical research is concentrated on small business administration, market research, market data analysis, macroeconomic data modelling, macroeconomic data analysis, business surveys, manufacturing branches data analysis, SMEs management, SMEs situation assessment, information needs determination. Member of the Committee for Statistics and Econometrics, Polish Academy of Sciences (1999-2015). Member of the international scientific organizations: Centre for International Research on Economic Tendency Surveys; International Federation of Classification Societies; European and International Council for Small Business; The International Society for Third-Sector Research; Standing Committee for Regional and Urban Statistics of the International Statistical Institute. Acts as editorial board member in International scientific Journals: Management (Croatia) and Journal for Management and Development (Slovenia) as well as Polish scientific Journals (Econometrics, and Operations Research, Regional Barometer). He has been lecturing in several Universities including Berlin, Bremen, Bochum, Mainz in Germany, Limerick in Ireland, Preston in UK, Hasselt in Belgium, Marseille in France; Vesteros in Sweden and Lehigh in Bethlehem (USA). Reads, speaks and writes in English, German and Russian Languages.

Recent research grants:

  • Metody pomiaru stopy zwrotu z inwestycji na edukację w szkołach wyższych (Methods of ROI Mesurement in Higher Education) NCBIR; 2011 – 2013
  • Twinning of European Cities, Citizen; (2009-2011)
  • TOP+ Training of trainers for Older People, LLL Leonardo da Vinci, (2007-2010)

Recent publications:

  • Pomiar i wycena wiedzy, umiejętności i kompetencji nabytych w formalnych i nieformalnych formach kształcenia [2015] w: Wdowiński P. (red.) Nauczyciel akademicki wobec nowych wyzwań edukacyjnych; Uniwersytet Łódzki, Łódź
  • O pomiarze efektywności nakładów na edukację i szkolenia w kontekście kształcenia przez całe życie [2015] w: Bernais J. Jędralska K. (red.) Uniwersytet w perspektywie kształcenia przez całe życie, Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny Katowice, Katowice
  • Performance Measurement for Entrepreneurial University [2011], in: The Future of Education; Pixel, Florence, vol. 2; pp. 320–331
  • Household Possession of Consumer Durables on Background of Some Poverty Lines (Coauthors Duda M. Przybysz K.) in: Locarek–Junge H. Weihs E. (eds.): Classification as a Tool for Research, Berlin, Springer, [2010], pp. 735–742
  • From Humboldtian towards Entrepreneurial University. The Modernization Concept of the European Commission In: Klucznik–Toro A. Bodis K. Pal I. (eds.) [2010] Management and Intrapreneurship in a Changing Market; Publikon; Budapest; 2010; pp. 13–35
  • New Possibilities of University Performance Improvement [2009]; In: Klucznik–Toro A. Csepe A. Kwiatkowska–Ciotucha D. (eds.) [2009] Higher Education; Partnership; Innovation; Publikon; Budapest; pp. 145–162
  • Ekonome Metody, przykłady, zadania, (Econometrics. Methods, Cases, Exercises) [2012] Ed. Wroclaw University of Economics, Wrocław,

Recent scientific conferences:

  • CEU-ESMU Executive Programme for Senior University Leaders; Budapeszt, 2012.02.12-17, Paper, University Performance Measurement
  • Fifth Biennial International Conference State Statistics as a Public Good, St Petersburg; 2012.01.30–02.02; Paper: Cost, Quality and Use of Official Statistical Data
  • CSR Corporate Social Responsibility. Sustainability Versus Business Strategies; Poznań; 2011.11.19;
  • IV UNESCO International Conference on Higher Education for Sustainable Development; Paper: Investment Effectiveness in Higher Education Modernization Challenge in Central Europe; Lüneburg; 2011.09.13–16
  • Polish Conference on: Badanie rynku edukacji wyższej i kształcenia ustawicznego na terenie Dolnego Śląska (Research of Regional Education Market and Life Long Learning for Lower Silesia Region, Paper; Efektywność nakładów na edukację i szkole Dolny Śląsk w europejskiej perspektywie (Efectiveness of Investment for Education and Training, Lower Silesia in European Perspective) WROCŁAW, 2011.09.09,
  • STHESCA2011; International Conference; Science, Technology, Higher Education and Society in the Conceptual Age; kraków; 2011.07.05–07;
  • International Conference: Knowledge Economy Society; Paper: Economic and Social Challenges of the 21st Century Economy – Experiences of Different Countries Kraków; 2011.06.01–03;
  • III Polish Conference on Modeling and Forecasting of National Economy (In Polish); Paper: Równowaga makroekonomiczna (Macroeconomic Balance) Sopot; 2011.05.23–25;
  • 50th Annual Conference on Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods CARME2011; Paper: Application of Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods in Evaluation of Knowledge and Skills of Young Pupils (coautors: Grześkowiak A. Stanimir A.) Rennes; 2011.02.08–11;
  • Annual EU–Drivers2010 Universities Regional Innovation Conference; Barcelona; 2010.11.17;
  • International Conference Funding in Higher Education; Berlin; 2010.10.04–06
  • Polish Conference on Rekomendacje zmian w polskim systemie transferu technologii i komercjalizacji wiedzy (Recommendations for Change in Polish System of Technology Transfer and Knowledge Commertialisation) Wrocław; 2010.09.20;
  • Polish Conference on; Skuteczne otoczenie innowacyjnego biznesu (Innovative Business Environment); Wrocław; 2010.09.17;
  • II International Conference Ihepi_2010 From Higher Education to Innovation; Paper: From Humboltdtian Towards Entrepreneurial University. The Modernization Concept of the European Commission; Budapest; 2010.09.06–08; Keynote speaker
  • International Conference Qualitative Survey Data: New Methods and Applications; Zürich; 2010.06. 24–26;
  • International Conference Wiedza; Gospodarka; Społeczeństwo (Knowledge, Economy, Society); Kraków; 2010.05.24–28;
  • Polish Conference on Kwalifikacje Zawodowe w Zjednoczonej Europie (Vocational Qualifications in United Europe); Paper; European Aspects of Business Qualifications; Austrian Institute, Wrocław; 2010.05.14–15;
  • International Conference Symposium on Data Analysis and its Application; Paper: Multivariate Data Analysis Application in Polish Economy for Innovation Measurement. Aachen; 2010.04.14–16;
  • XIV Conference SCORUS2010, Conference of a Standing Committee on Regional and Urban Statistics, Challenges for an Ageing Society, Referat: Competence for Innovation. Development in Central Europe, Berlin,01.16–19,
  • International Conference Ihepi_2009 Higher Education; Partnership; Innovation; Paper: New Possibilities of University Performance Improvement; Budapest; 09.07–09; Keynote speaker
  • II Polish Conference on Modeling and Forecasting of National Economy (In Polish); Gdańsk; 2009.05.27–29;
  • 33 Annual GfKl Conference (German Gesellschaft für Klassifikation); Paper: Household Possession of Consumer Durables on Background of Some Poverty Lines (Coautors K. Przybysz; M. Duda); Dresden; 2009.03.20–24;
  • Polish Conference on Business and Economy (In Polish) Paper: Europejski wymiar certyfikacji kwalifikacji biznesowych (European Aspects of Business Competences Certification); Bydgoszcz; 2009.02.18
  • Scorus2009, Conference of a Standing Committee on Regional and Urban Statistics, Berlin, 2009.01.16–19,